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.NET Application Hosting with Plesk If you're a .NET developer looking to host your applications, you might want to consider... Adding and Removing Domains in Plesk At DataPacket, we strive to streamline your web hosting experience. One of the critical aspects... Can I connect remotely to MySQL? Remote connections are available to our MySQL servers. Connect using your domain name as the... Creating a Website Backup in Plesk: A Step-by-Step Guide Creating a website backup in Plesk is an important task for any website owner. It allows you to... Do I need to purchase an IP Address to use SSL? You do not need to purchase an IP address. Our servers utilize SNI (Server Name Indication)... Do you accept third party SSL certificates? You can install third party SSL certificates from your Plesk control panel or you can use the... Do you have an option to add Cloudflare or similar to my website? It's in our experience that it's best for clients to signup with Cloudflare directly so that all... Do you offer a Website builder? Absolutely! At DataPacket, we understand the importance of having an efficient and user-friendly... Does Free SSL apply to my reseller account and my customers? All your sites benefit from the Free SSL feature. As long as your domains are pointed correctly... Example CDOSYS Code - ASP Email To send email via ASP you can use the following example code. Note: If you do not wish to... How do I access the database created in Plesk from Microsoft SQL Management Studio? To connect to the SQL Server with Management Studio you would enter your domain name under... How do I manage my Plesk Databases? There are many tools developed by third parties available on the Web to manage your databases.... How to Access Webmail from Plesk One of the many features Plesk offers is the ability to manage email accounts and access webmail... How to Block an IP Address in Plesk Using htaccess If you are a Plesk user on a Linux hosting plan looking to enhance the security of your website... How to Block an IP Address in Plesk Using web.config Blocking an IP address on a Windows hosting server that uses Plesk can be done using the... How to Sign In to Plesk: A Step-by-Step Guide Plesk is our popular web hosting control panel that allows users to manage their web hosting... I prefer cPanel hosting instead of Plesk. What are my options? DataPacket no longer offers cPanel hosting due to their recent price increase and change to a per... Installing WordPress Using Plesk Installing WordPress is quick and easy with Plesk. Here are the steps you can follow to get... Name Server Information Below is a list of DNS Name Servers and IP addresses that can be used for your domains. Plesk... Overview of the Plesk Interface Plesk enables customers to easily perform a wide variety of tasks using a robust and easy to use... Plesk WP Toolkit: Managing WordPress Websites WordPress has transformed the digital landscape, powering a significant percentage of the world's... Plesk: Managing ASP.NET Core with the .NET Toolkit ASP.NET Core is a powerhouse in the world of web development, driving a vast array of dynamic and... Plesk: Setting Up an ASP.NET Core Website Setting up an ASP.NET Core website in Plesk can be completed with a few simple steps. You can... Plesk: The All-in-One Web Hosting Control Panel In the realm of web hosting and management, Plesk has established itself as a versatile and... Previewing Websites in Plesk (Temp URL) After a website has been created, it does not become available on the Internet right away. After... Service Unavailable (503 Error) The "Service Unavailable" or "503 Error" message may appear for a couple of reasons. This error... Setting Up the PHP Time Zone in Plesk Introduction Managing time settings accurately is crucial for various functionalities on your... Troubleshooting 500 Internal Server Errors A 500 error is an HTTP status code that indicates an internal server error. This means that... Troubleshooting Cloudflare: Too Many Redirects Introduction When setting up Cloudflare, you may encounter difficulties due to the HTTPS... Web deployment task failed - ERROR_CERTIFICATE_VALIDATION_FAILED Symptoms: you're unable to publish an application via Web Deploy. The following error is shown:... Where can I find phpMyAdmin in my Plesk reseller panel? In your Plesk reseller panel, click on the "domains" link on left menu, then click on the domain,... Which version of Node.js do you support? We always provide the most recent version implemented and supported by Plesk, as of 2022 version... WordPress asking for FTP details Under normal use WordPress should not require FTP to install plugins or apply updates. If your...
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