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Understanding our Real-time Blackhole Lists for Email Filtering Print

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An RBL, or Real-time Blackhole List, is a database of IP addresses that have been identified as sources of spam or other forms of email abuse. RBLs are used by many email providers, including DataPacket, to help filter out unwanted or malicious emails and protect their users from spam and other forms of abuse.

When an email is sent from a server whose IP address is listed on an RBL, the email may be blocked or flagged as potentially suspicious. This can happen if the server has been used to send large volumes of spam or other forms of abusive email in the past.

If you are the sender of an email that was blocked due to an RBL listing, you should contact your email provider for assistance. They may be able to help you stop the abuse and work with the RBL providers to have your IP address removed from the block list.

DataPacket's shared hosting servers use several different RBLs to help determine the reputation of mail servers, including zen.spamhaus.org, truncate.gbudb.net, b.barracudacentral.org, and psbl.surriel.com. By using these RBLs, they can help protect DataPacket's users and servers from spam and other forms of email abuse.

If you would like to check if DataPacket is blocking a mail server IP you can use our RBL lookup tool. If the IP is listed on one the the blocklists mentioned above, mail would be blocked from that IP address.

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